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New collaboration for Yeh Design and Peter Baas

Yeh Design • News

This month started with a nice and refreshing collaboration between Yeh Design and Dutch photographer Peter Baas. As the fitness avenue for SportCity is now open and running in Den Haag New Babylon, Hsiu Li wanted to document the project with a new eye on the design.

Peter Baas seemed to fit perfectly with the task, he is specialised in interior and exterior photography and known for collaborations with big hotel brands like Van Der Valk, the Hampshire and Fletcher hotels. The team is excited to see the results of this collaboration and looks to continue forward with wonderful projects.


“Peter Baas seemed to fit perfectly with the task, he is specialised in interior and exterior photography and known for collaborations with big hotel brands like Van Der Valk, the Hampshire and Fletcher hotels.


Do you want to see more about the SportCity projects in New Babylon Den Haag? Follow us on Instagram (@yehdesign) and stay tuned for the upcoming photos.

The magic of wallpapers, before and after a souterrain remake

Yeh Design • Design tips & Styling tricks

As the Yeh Design project of the apartment in the heart of Amsterdam is currently under construction, more sneak peeks of the design are revealed here. Hsiu Li thought to show an interesting example of how she tackled the redesign of the souterrain of the apartment. The space came already with nice features, a metal stair with a golden cork wallpaper on the wall and a long white corridor. Still, the goal of Yeh Design was to reach a sophisticated hotel look of the apartment, a cozy and modern feel in each area of the house.

Two questions arose: ‘how can a space with such features be elevated?’ and ‘how can it come to life in a homogenous way?’. Hsiu Li suggested a simple and yet efficient way to bind the elements together and enhance the existing architecture. She chose a natural, fibre-made wallpaper to cover the white corridor walls and match the golden cork wallpaper that was already present.

The reason why this solution worked so well is because the wallpaper created a warm and welcoming feeling in the corridor, it also reflected the light and bonded together with the golden stair wall in a subtle and elegant way. So, what do you think about the results? Hsiu Li suggests to mix wallpapers as you do for pillows and linen, differentiate the patterns scale so that they don’t compete visually. She also recommends to look at the wallpapers of brands like Elitis, Dutch Wallpaper Company and Arte which provide perspective on the new trends.

“Hsiu Li suggests to mix wallpapers as you do for pillows and linen, differentiate the patterns scale so that they don’t compete visually.”

Do you need help finding the perfect match of wallpapers for your house? Have a look at our webshop for more wallpaper inspiration or contact the Yeh Team to get some simple and efficient ideas at yeh@yeh.nl

Elegant bamboo window shades

Yeh Design • Design tips & Styling tricks

Do you have windows viewing a street? Do you want more privacy but you don’t want to paste the complete window with frosted foil? Here is the answer. Hsiu-Li recommends using bamboo rolling shades. Bamboo creates a very nice ambiance since the light does still peek through the shades, but the vision to the inside of the living room is very limited. Next to the semi-transparent shades, use also curtains. For her this combination is the ultimate solution for window coverings.

“Bamboo is a naturally sustainable material. No shade is exactly the same. This makes it lively and gives character to your space.”

Hsiu-Li is always looking for nice beautiful materials, and preferably sustainable as well. She beliefs quality will win over quantity. If you can, invest in good materials which last longer, and you can enjoy longer. Window decoration is something you normally don’t change for a decade, better do it well from the beginning. Bamboo is a great option. It is a naturally sustainable material. No shade is exactly the same. This makes it lively and gives character to your space.

“Window decoration you normally don’t have to change for a decade.”

Do you like this look? It has two layers of window covering. Shades and curtains. A couple of things you have to take into account.

  1. Choose wisely which windows. You don’t have to do all of them. Just the prominent windows to showcase and where you need privacy, for example the living room and the dining room. These rooms can get shades and curtains. The rest will sustain with curtains.
  2. Choose the colours. For the shades, Hsiu-Li advices to go for shades to stay in the neutral and natural colour scheme. Are your walls white? Take a darker colour to contrast the rest, for example dark brown or almost black. Never choose full black, it is too hard and will make your space too dramatic. For the curtains, if you like colour and patterns, use them for the curtains, but not for the shades. The sky is the limit here. Always request samples and hang them against the wall (to mirror the actual situation, curtains are hanging, the light falls differently than for the sample). And add to the sample all the other materials you have. Match the colours and materials as your like but always in a smart way. Need help with this? Get a Personal Designer, click here.
  3. Order the shades and curtains. This is a real profession. Measuring how much fabric you need for a curtain can be difficult. And hanging everything up in the correct way can also be quite a challenge. Unless you are very handy, Hsiu-Li advices you to ask a professional. This will save a lot of stress. For these bamboo shades, contact Yeh Design. The design experts can help you choose what material and colour fit best for your need, and Yeh Design can arrange somebody to come to your home to take all the necessary measurements. Concerning the curtains, if you ordered already the fabric, this company can help you to make the curtains, and arrange the rails for you: Knip en klaar gordijn[only the Netherlands].

“Measuring and hanging the shades and curtains is a real profession. Hire someone who knows what he is doing to save a lot of stress.”

Luxury apartment in the heart of Amsterdam

Yeh Design • Work in progress

With full enthusiams the Yeh Design team is working on the luxury aparment in the heart of Amsterdam. The scope is to redesign and style the ground floor and the hallways in the souterain level. The building is a moment with lots of gorgeous authentic features. Yeh Design started in the first phase by making mood boards to test and see what the client want. As a result the big appartment will be modern and minimalistic with a hotel luxurious feel. With the requirment that it has to be cosy and warm. The real challange is to create a good balance in between minimalism and cosy-ness.

“Even though the clients knows what they want, but it only when they get to see the pictures they start to realize what they said.”

In the second phase we diverted a little bit more on the living room. it has a long plain wall, what can we do to make it exiting. Hsiu-Li decides to replace an exiting cabinet of black steel and rotan natural materials and put it in between the traffic area and the living area against the wall. This way two two problems are solved, the long wall is now excting and by doing so, there was a new zone create just in front of the window. This extra zone is perfect place for a piano or sitting area for the kids. Another challange for the living room that needed to be tackled was the light. The living room a high ceiling and it hardly has direct daylight. In a situation like this Hsiu-Li recommends not to even try to compete with the daylight. Sunlight is very strong, no artificial light has a same capacity. Hsiu-Li advises to stay in the dark colours and make a cosy corner. In the render you can see what they has designed.

“A dark room I would advise not to try to make it like, you never can compete sunlight. Rather make it cozy.”

Within 3 months Yeh Design finishes with all the 4 Design Phases. The Design development is done, the build has started. We will show you once the realisation has finished. The team has worked hard, as a results a beautiful well functioning design, with the style the client loves.

“The design development part is done, now the build can start.”

A peek in Yeh Design’s studio

Yeh Design • News

Yeh Design is located in Wassenaar and has a nice studio. An villa in small office area in Wassenaar, just around the corner of the legedary resturant ‘t Schouwtje, where you can still get the hot stone grill menu like 30 hears ago! In the villa on the first floor the design studio of Hsiu-Li Yeh is situated, and on the ground floor her tea company/online shop Yeh Tea is located.

“Natural day light is very important for a healthy work environment.”

On the first floor she and her design team can work in a comfortable contemporary style office. The space has on 3 sides natural daylight, which creates the perfect embiance. Natural day light is very important for a healthy work environment. It will keep your mind fit and alert.

“Dark blue stands for fortune and wealth.”

Hsiu-Li has always been interested in feng shui. Feng Shui is basisly placing the objects in space correctly so that the energy can flow easily through the whole space. Colour and materials can influence the flow. Dark blue stand for furtune and wealth. Thus a big part of the wall has become this colour. It’s all about balance. Play with dark colours and light colours.To compensate the darkness, a beige sand colour curtain is placed right beside it. The result is a beautiful contrasting and powerfull and complete story.

“It’s all about balance. Play with dark colours and light colours.”

The 4 design phases we follow.

1. Sketch & Analysis Phase

In this phase we first analyse your design challange. We check the location, situation and your requirement in terms of the functionality and style. We make an initial priority list of the design wishes and from there we start to make the first rough sketches.

2. Concept Phase

Followed up on the first phase we dip deeper into all the critatria. With this the concept and theme will be developed. This included zoning plans, floorplans, initial light plan ideas and mood, colour, and material boards. The design ideas will be visualised in more detail.

3. Preliminary Design Phase

This is the phase where we start nailing down all the design decisions. Along the way more criteria will be infused into the design. The visualisation will be shown in more detail and we start making elevations on a specific zone or fragment alike a custom wall solutions, lighting, furniture, etc.

4. Final Phase

Here we recap all the designs we made and start to wrap up and make the drawings ready for the production of the carpenter, or construction of the build.

Let’s get personal

Hsiu-Li Yeh is a highly acclaimed industrial design ingeneer from the Netherlands. With over 20 years of experience in Interior Design & Architecture she now works with her team on projects and design tools to make your space brilliant.

“All I want is to make people happy. I can’t do much, but design I can. This is my tool to make the world a little more beautiful.”

From restaurant daughter to Entrepreneur.

Growing up in Ede, in the middle of The Netherlands, she soon moved north because of the opening of a new business in Leeuwarden. Hsiu-Li went to Delft for her studies at University of Technology. After working abroad San Fransisco, Shanghai and Stuttgart for several years, she settled in Wassenaar. From her office, she runs the successful design studio Yeh Design and popular online tea shop Yeh Tea.

“I’ve been very lucky to be able to collaborate on projects with big designers and architects like Jan des Bourvie and Rem Koolhaas.”

As a mother of an 7 year old daughter she always has to guggle between work and her private life. But nothing is more important to her then her family. Together with her partner and father of her daughter they have a classic townhouse which has been modernized a couple of years ago. The result is stunning. It is a place where she relax and be together with family. But it’s also where she also can do her work. Especially now with the pendamic she understands that your home is your safe zone. On top of that is has to become a home office. This can be a challange. You also still want it to look nice.

“My home is my safe zone, where I can be together with my family but also stay in touch with my team and do my work.”

With her online service, she and her team can be your a personal designer to help you to get through this challange. Go to the webshop and get instant assistance in making an appointment. Yeh Design is looking forward hearing from you!