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Advocatenkantoor Geelkerken & Linskens


In the former ‘Zeevaartschool’ – training school to sail on the open sea – on the Noordeinde in Leiden, The Netherlands, the law firm Geelkerken & Linskens gave Yeh Design in 2003 the opportunity to design the entire office and cantine. The challenge was to bring the old historic characteristics back into the new ambiance.

The training college which opened in 1855 in another building was completely rebuilt in 1878 at its current location. It is a well-known location in Leiden and even appears in a number of books about the ‘Jantjes van Leiden’. Lever: ‘If you ask a resident of Leiden about the building at Noordeinde they often don’t know but if you ask them about the Maritime Academy they will know immediately.’ Until 1914 as Lever describes it ‘the vagabond street youth taught order and discipline’. Later on, the building served a number of other public uses, and in the 1970s among other things the Rechtswinkel was located there where Lever took his first steps in the legal field during his student days as a legal specialist. Text Olga Hoekstra featured in the ‘Advocatenblad’ in 2018.

Yeh Design is proud that after so many years they are still using the original design and furniture.


Office Interior Design and Furniture Design.


Photography: Jiri B├╝ller