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Proud to announce that the shutters project is finished. Hsiu-Li delivered and installed these shutters in a classical historic apartment in the center of The Hague. This young couple was looking for an elegant solution to create some more privacy in the living room and the kitchen. They came this the idea to use shutters, and the result is stunning! See how they combined style into a beautiful electric coherent interior design full of character.

“Shutters is an elegant solution to create privacy without blocking light. 

By using shutters you create warmth and character in the interior decor. But most importantly, a shutter is an elegant solution to create privacy without blocking light.

If you have upper neighbors, and you need more privacy, try using blinds just the upper part of the windows. This way it is a win-win, on your level you keep the open view to your city garden yet the neighbors upstairs can not look straight into your kitchen. Brilliant!

When using shutters in the living room, the blinds will become a part of the interior decoration. Choose a colours that blend with your walls to keep it in the background. And use colour in the accessories to draw attention more to the foreground. The result is coherent and balanced.

Need assistance in selecting and purchasing shutters? Yeh Design is here to help you.