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Lovely thirties architecture house in Wassenaar needed a big redo. They decided to renovate the complete ground floor, including new flooring, walls, kitchen and annex/wash/kids room. Yeh Design helped tighten the concept and look and feel. Up until the window styling advice.


When you want a minimalistic look but still feeling warm? Try the white-grey sand tones of Farrow & Ball. Without becoming too colorful the environment will look and feel so different. Try the colour Strong White as shown here in the pictures. Tip: If you go for a minimalistic look as shown here, try using this one colour for the walls and on the cupboards! With just some paint, you can freshen up your space and bring coziness to your home!


Hsiu-Li Yeh also gave advice for the kitchen design, colours and materials. Nowadays you see a lot of black kitchens, but that can become too cold and not. timeless. After the advice of Hsiu-Li and the initial idea of the client, they decide to go ahead with dark blue, more specifically “Hague Blue”. To let the kitchen stand out more, a slightly darker beige grey tone is chosen for the walls of the kitchen. Used here is the colour: Cornforth White of Farrow & Ball. In total the result is stunning, don’t you think?


The new heated flooring with beautiful neutral European Oak is done. The walls are painted and the kitchen is finished and operational. The next phase is what to do with the window shades or curtains. It will be a combination of bamboo shades and velvet beige gold velours. We are working on the specifications. More pictures coming up soon.


Stay tuned for styling tips and tricks? Do you colour, material, and advise of handgrips? Follow us on Instagram @YehDesign or send us an email of chat instantly. Online we are available 24 hours. Looking forward to hearing from you!.