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The Yeh Design team takes you to the heart of Amsterdam of a new build, where they realized the clients’ dream interior.


For this project in the Amsterdam (neighborhood of Houthaven), the clients have joined forces with Yeh Design and Van Smeerdijk Meubelmakerij and Pieter Fontijn. During the construction of their home they came into contact with Hsiu-Li Yeh. The clients wanted a liveable and practical home. The kitchen, produced by Pieter Fontijn, played a major role in this. During the collaboration with Yeh Design, it was decided to rearrange the kitchen.


For Yeh Design design has to be. Hsiu-Li Yeh drive is to make beautiful houses which is at the same time super functional. This doesn’t necessarily mean contemporary minimalistic design, especially classical design needs this philosophy to make a home really feel like a suit that fits perfectly. Having said that, for this project Yeh Design strongly advised to change the zoning plan. Instead of standing right in the middle of the main path of the house when you are in the kitchen, now the client has a zone fully devoted to the kitchen. A relief, mixing zones like a path and an area where you have to cook, would have become a major problem after realisation. Now when you are standing in the kitchen, you have the overview of the entire ground floor. Always in contact with your family and guests without standing in each others way.


Perfecting the house was very important to the owners. By using the right colors and applying the Marie Kondo method, the house has become a whole. This method has been used for both the living space and the bedrooms to radiate tranquility. By the entrance one can already feel the stillness. Normally there is no hall, but Yeh Design designed a custom-made steel frame to separate the entrance with living room. The steel is white to emphasis the perfect zen feeling. This success was made complete due to the clothing, bookcase and the TV cabinet produced by Arjan Van Smeerdijk, and the beautiful dark blue and timber custom-made pantry on the ground floor designed by Yeh Design.


Yeh Design has made various designs for all areas and created multiple color and material palettes. It was a true pleasure to work for these clients. The result is to be proud of.


Did you got inspired? Do you want to elevate your home? Yeh Design can help you your house a true warm home which breaths your personality. A modern or classic home, from contemporary to bohemien, it doesn’t matter. Together with Yeh Design you go on an adventure in search of your personal style. This will be translated in a personalised moodpboard with your unique look and feel. This is a starting point for new zoning plans, floorpans, lighting plans, etc… Curious about the possibilities? Please feel free to email us at yeh@yeh.nl or:


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