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This project for Fit For Free took us from our office in Wassenaar to the north of Eindhoven. The goal was to design a more mature version of the Fit For Free location Bekkerslaan in Eindhoven with a darker, cooler and raw feel. The past years Yeh Design has been developing a new formula and rolled out more than 20 locations for this client.


Fit For Free stands for surprisingly good value for money. Because the health industry is a massive multi-billion dollar industry, every player is getting better and more aware of their message, branding and positioning these days. To have a cutting-edge interior design for the gyms, health clubs or fitness centers is absolutely a necessity in the health industry revolution. They are all raising the bar and lifting their game, as does Fit For Free. They are consciously renewing their sports equipment, products and design to be able to be one step ahead.


To achieve this more mature version of the health chain, we included a Starbucks coffee machine in the social corner where people can purchase a freshly brewed coffee. We also included a bio circuit for quick 30 minute total workouts, a cardio and power strength zone with top-notch machines, a FunXtion-zone for a playful fun training with a coach in a small group and virtual spinning classes with energizing special lights. The black, red and fun colored graphic details throughout the entire interior design and wall coverings are meant to encourage your eye and stimulate your senses while breaking a sweat. So without further ado, give me a high five, train like a real champion and after the workout, you can treat yourself with a Yanga drink or Starbucks coffee!


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