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A total renovation of the eightieth villa in Rijnsburg, including an extension at the kitchen – dining area and extra master bedroom with bathroom on the ground floor. Upstairs there were two guest rooms and a study, but now it’s transformed into 3 guestrooms.

During the eightieth, the architecture in The Netherlands was mainly asymmetrical. The client wanted a place that feels calm and logical. We introduced some strong design elements to bring the house to another level. On the first floor, the hall splits into to equal smaller halls guiding to the guestrooms on the left and right side of the build.

The client wanted the building to be sustainable for the future. On the left side of the main entrance on the ground floor, we created a master bedroom. We created a good space, which does not feel cramped with attached a walk-in closet as a hall towards the bathroom. The vanity is the furthest from the main entrance hall, for ultimate privacy.

On the right side of the entrance, you walk toward the main lounge area with an open fireplace as the focal point. Passing by the lounge room and turn left, you walk around the hall and staircase into the breakfast area. Turn left and would go to the main entrance again or go straight to reach the newly installed kitchen island and bar.

Attached to the lounge area to the back of the house, there is the extension. It is a veranda with closed doors, but not fully isolated. The ceiling includes heaters for the colder days and nights. For the ultimate experience, there are music boxes installed seamlessly.

It was a long process, it took the lovely family 1 year to make it all happen. But not the time has come, they moved into their new home.  Welcome home!