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Villa Zuid-Holland is a classic beauty that somehow feels super exciting and new. This residential actually speaks for itself. By using different styles, textures, and materials, this project will be one to remember. This build is a classic beauty to be remodeled.


Yeh Design merged two buildings into one spectacularly luxurious and smart villa designed for a young family. Passionate about the client’s family heritage and contemporary design, Yeh Design decided to use that in the design. This expressed itself in a bohemian Ibiza style fused with a slick black modern style in a deliberate mixture of textures and materials.


The whole objective was to evoke the water location of the villa. The area between the two buildings will be the super light heart of the villa including a second entrance, a bar, and a pool table. Connected to the building on the west side, which is the seaside of The Netherlands, will be the “the boat” part including a dramatic dark large dining area, a spacious open kitchen area with a large black and dark grey stone cooking island, and a long dining table for at least 8 persons. This shows a lifestyle full of sharing, fun, and happiness.


The master bedroom, which is above the kitchen, has partly a glass floor to capture the light directly from the sun or reflected from the water alongside the villa. The building on the east side with the design theme “on the beach” is slightly lower, smaller, and more cottage-like. We decided to enhance this by housing the living room here and make this a super warm and cozy space by using soft materials and colors.


On the first floor, guests can stay without disturbing the owner who will be living on the other side of the building. The whole villa will have a young spirit, with a chic and contemporary Ibiza lifestyle and a cool attitude. Warm white shades of sand grey tones, and soft earth tones contrasted with dark timber, black wood, and steel for an exhilarating cutting edge bespoke interior design.


The construction has started, see pictures of the construction here. The planning is to finish before Christmas, fingers crossed! We are looking forward to telling you more once it is finished. In the meantime, you can find updates on the Facebook and Instagram pages of @YehDesign. Stay tuned!