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Arte x Moooi Menagerie of Extinct Animals (€/m)


Arte x Moooi Wallcovering Menagerie of Extinct Animals

This wallpaper comes by the meter. The width is 130m and it has a drop match to create a perfect continuous pattern.

This product goes per meter. If you need for example 8 meters, select this product 8 times to place the order.


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Arte x Moooi Wallcovering Menagerie of Extinct Animals

This wallpaper comes by the meter. The width is 130m and it has a drop match to create a perfect continuous pattern.

Length roll: sold per meter.

Width roll: 130 cm.

Pattern repeat: drop match 200/100 cm.

Details & design: Yeh Design believes that quality with over quantity. This is why like us you will also appreciate the state of the art wallpaper brand Arte Wallcoverings. It offers beautiful high-end sophisticated materials and patterns. If you can, seriously invest in quality. Combine the wallcoverings with a luxury hotel look contemporary, modern, classical, or eclectic design style of interior, it all works! Get in touch with us if you need help making a choice.

Drop match: The pattern is 200 cm. But the pattern drops 100cm.

Specifications: Textile wallcovering on non-woven backing. It has all the fire certificates for the EU and the US. All wallpapers of Arte Wallcoverings are produced in Belgium, Europe. It is easy to install on any interior wall type. The wallpaper has a width of 130 cm / 51.18 inch and is sold by the linear meter. One meter of this roll will cover 1.30 square meters / 13.99 square feet.

Recommended adhesive paste/wallpaper glue: Adhesive for non-woven wallcovering like ARTE Clearpro, or Metyl Special (200 grams in 4 liters of water) with the addition of 20 % PVA adhesive (in Dutch: “Metyl Speciaal (200 gr. in 4 l. water) met toevoeging van 20% PVA-lijm (witte muurbekledingslijm)”). Ensure you always use the correct mixing proportions.

How to apply: Check the product for faults before hanging it and check the result for faults after hanging 3 strips of wallcovering. If any errors are visible, stop the work and contact the manufacturer. Only hang rolls with the same batch number next to each other. Also, avoid creases and handle with care at all times.

The start and end are the hardest. Start on the left or right off the wall. Check if the top and edge match correctly, if not, cut off what is not needed beforehand. But make sure you don’t cut the side where the second strip comes. Use a soft roller to apply a ready adhesive paste on the wall, use a brush on the edges. Always apply adhesive slightly further than the width of the strip. In particular, do NOT apply the adhesive too copiously. Roll up the strip and place the dry top against the pasted wall. Then place the strip against the top of the pasted wall and unroll the strip down to the bottom of the wall.

Rub outwards from the seam across the width of the strip. Use your hands or a soft rubber roller to make the strip smooth and even. DO NOT USE A SPATULA. Make sure you do not press too hard on the product otherwise adhesive may leak through the seams and leave permanent stains. But if adhesive stains appear along the seams, use a damp sponge, immediately to dab off any adhesive stains before it dries. Do a check after hanging each strip/drop. 

After the first strip, put the second strip against the uncut, perfect straight side, and add the third strip, and so on. Gently use a seam roller on the seams. The paste allows moving the strip a little bit so that you can make the pattern continue correctly. When cutting the right length at the top and or the bottom, push a steel ruler against the end of the wallpaper and cut with a sharp knife. Tip: Finish papering a complete wall before starting to paper the next.

Care: Try to remove any stains immediately before the stain can dry out, by wiping off the surface with clean water and a soft sponge. Only use clear water, no soap. Dry with a lint-free, clean cloth. Avoid excessive rubbing of the surface and avoid excessive soaking of the surface.

Dust can be wiped off with a damp, lint-free, clean cloth or a brush with soft bristles, or can be lightly vacuumed with a soft bristle attachment to avoid damaging the surface.

Yeh Design and Arte Wallcoverings can not be held responsible if the damage is caused to the product during the cleaning process.

If you need the complete manual of the manufacturer, please contact us.


Delivery delay: 1-2 weeks in the EU.

Delivery delay: 2-3 weeks in the WORLD.


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