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This health club might be based in one of the most unique locations of The Netherlands. Here you see the H. Gerardus Majella Church in Eindhoven. The church was built in 1925 and has been the property of SportCity since 2018. The monumental characteristics can be found everywhere in the health club.

With this nostalgic reflection of a Dutch church, this luxurious all-in-one health club is a pure blend of old with new. Yeh Design encompasses both the past and future of this building, a modern exploration of a bygone time. The owner of the brand SportCity sought to create a space for his regional community that stands strong and is energetic. Set only steps away from the city center of Eindhoven, this church was saved from being demolished. Now it’s a fantastic added value to the neighborhood with its completely new purpose.

Heavy dark old doors and thick timber beams and authentic brick walls lead guests and health club members down a hallway, with soft warm lighting, into a majestic open space revealing themselves upon arrival. The first thing noticeable is a gigantic halo-like pendant hanging beautifully high on the ceiling in the center of the church. Original ornaments featured in the pillars on both sides of the grant hall are highlighted with spotlights as a reminder to the extreme heights of churches they used to have.

“The Building is the Hero” is one of the design principles of Yeh Design, who have succeeded in this project proudly. The challenge also was to sustain the SportCity brand by incorporating their modern look and feel. This location is one of the newest additions of the SportCity chain with more than 20 different locations in The Netherlands.

The center stage at the entrance is a hi-macs futuristic reception that doubles as a bar. It also includes a stylish lounge area with almost Escher like black and white soft customized carpets made of sustainable eucalyptus. Here you can enjoy your cup of coffee away from the active zones. The separations between the entrance and sports zones are made of black steel and have the same attention to detail as all other new interior design elements in this church. Doing sports at this club makes you feel you can reach any goal.