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A design with a strong character makes this SportCity avenue a must go fitness location in the heart of The Hague.

This fitness venue is located in the heart of The Hague in a building that represents one of the modern assets of the city skyline, New Babylon. The project started as a follow up of the Eindhoven location of SportCity with an all-in-one health club vision but an evolved design. What made the process unique and challenging is that the health club spreads over two majestic floors in the relatively minimalistic New Baylon building. Therefore, the project goal was to focus on creating a space with a strong character, enhanced by detailed features and polished materials. Each area was then categorized and designed based on a ranking of three energy levels: level zero (low energy, calm and personal), level 1 (medium energy, groups, and open spaces), and level 3 (high energy, active and contained spaces).

Upon arrival, even from afar, the ground floor entrance catches the curious eye thanks to its modern look and hi-macs futuristic counter. Here guests and club members are welcomed by a warm hotel-like atmosphere and service. They can grab a cup of tea at the counter/bar or relax in the lounge, where velvety armchairs, wooden panels, and marble coffee tables enfold the view to the beautiful custom-designed staircase. The colours and materials of this area follow the first energy level with mellow colours, earthy materials and rounded shapes. It’s a space of relaxation and pause. 

The first floor presents itself as a wide-open space, different energy levels merge in this area. The mid energy zones cradle the high energy ones, breaking their hardness via the use of wood and spots of cyan. Warmly materials harmonize with the black steel and roughness of high-tech fitness machines. A sense of togetherness is perceived in this area and the guests feel part of a whole. It’s a space of active balance. 

The attention to the details and the study of these specific layouts are proof that this location is an integral design. Yeh Design developed each and every aspect of the project, from its identity to its custom furniture and unique decor, making it a must-go fitness location.